Our Services

We offer a complete range of investor relations services.

Our goal is to help each client realize a market capitalization that best reflects the company’s value. We achieve this goal on a daily basis through enhanced visibility and communications and through favorable and credible interactions within the investment community.

We believe that a successful investor relations program depends on a multifaceted approach, including effective strategy and tactical execution.


Thoughtful and tailored strategic advice, commitment to execution and a careful attention to detail are central to our approach. We work with senior management to achieve the following key investor relations goals

  • Effective positioning
  • Enhancing visibility in the financial community
  • Improving and expanding institutional investor ownership and sell-side analyst coverage
  • Preparing for and executing successful private and crossover financings; initial public offerings (IPOs); follow-on offerings
  • Development of good financial disclosure and guidance practices
  • Disclosure of clinical and scientific news
  • Managing communications around merger and acquisition activity
  • Strategic IR planning


Stern IR emphasizes the importance of strategic planning. Each new client relationship begins with an analysis of the client's investment considerations, including perceived strengths and challenges as well as upcoming news items and milestones.

We then consider a combination of quantitative and qualitative data to help direct our recommendations, developing corporate messaging documents, a client-catered yearly IR calendar, an outreach plan and a sophisticated sell-side and investor targeting analysis program.

See some examples that demonstrate our approach to IR.


Effective Messaging and Positioning

In order to communicate effectively with the financial community, Stern IR works with each client to distill its strengths into key messages that both reflect company value and resonate with industry trends. We work with each client to draft effective communications materials including investor presentations, websites, press releases and other collateral material. SternIr


Among our many services, Stern IR provides full tactical and event planning support. These events include the following: SternIr


  • Sell-side introductions, including analysts and investment bankers
  • Bank-sponsored non-deal roadshows to attract and retain shareholders and new institutional investors
  • Investor conference schedules
  • Self-managed buyside roadshows
  • Newsflow & Financial Announcements

  • Company news is often a catalyst for significant changes in market capitalization. We work with clients to maximize the visibility of their newsflow to create value-added inflection points.
  • Skilled communications around quarterly news announcements provides a regular occasion for clients to enhance the company’s visibility and perceptions. We work with all public clients to maximize these opportunities.


  • Stern IR has a complete database of investors focusing on healthcare and biotechnology companies.
  • We also conduct objective targeting for each client based on a sophisticated analysis of comparable and peer companies to elucidate new potential investors.
  • IR Event Planning

  • Every year, Stern IR conducts dozens of highly successful and value-added events for our clients that attract hundreds of key investors, analysts and other stakeholders.
  • These events include traditional analyst and investor days, as well as events at medical meetings such as the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the American Society of Hematology (ASH), Digestive Disease Week (DDW), and many others.

Additional Key Services

  • Financial reporting support
  • Financial and earnings issues
  • Recruiting new shareholders
  • Guidance
  • M&A communications
  • Perception studies
  • Proxy issues
  • Corporate governance
  • Analyst model tracking
  • Issues management
  • Board material preparation
  • Research and best practices;
    benchmarking projects
  • Leveraging PR for IR audiences
  • Building IR infrastructure
  • Regulation Full Disclosure (Reg FD)
  • Global outreach strategies
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, including guidance on transparency and credibility